Saturday, July 25, 2009

HDR Time Travel

Remember the movie Back to the Future? Today I met a dude who has recreated Doc Brown's DeLorean Time Machine. His car is a work of art, my friends! I mean, this guy is committed! He's owned the DeLorean for 7 years, and spent 3 years just researching it before starting work. I jokingly asked him if he was considering adding some upgrades, such as a trash compactor as an alternate fuel source. He then proceeded to open the trunk and show me the compactor -- exactly like the one from the movie! He just hadn't got around to installing it yet.

Anyway, I spent some time taking a few pictures of his car parked by the side of the road. I figured HDR suited this scene very well. Usually I go for a more subdued HDR result, as I don't like it when HDR looks overdone. But in this case, over the top is exactly what the doctor ordered! I mean, this car can go back in time!!!

Here are a few surreal, UFO looking images of this fantastic car. Click on them for larger versions:

It's even got a glowing flux capacitor, folks.

Unfortunately there was a big ol' SUV parked right behind, so I couldn't get the whole back end in...

For more info about this car visit

- jc

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  1. Two of the most important series of shots for HDR-photography are the lightest and the darkest. Removing the darkest is relatively simple, but what can you say about the darkest one?? I've read here that you need to use some special soft.