Thursday, August 20, 2009

Abtract in the Rain

It rained. I mean freakin' stormed. I was standing out on my porch watching the rain pour down, and as cars drove by, I thought it would be cool to capture the rain in their headlights and the reflections on the wet pavement.

So I grabbed my camera and started shooting away. I had fun with these. I had abstract results in mind, so I cranked up the ISO to make it nice and gritty, set it to a slow shutter speed, and panned with the cars as they drove by. Sometimes I turned the zoom ring as I pressed the shutter button, other times I rotated the camera.

I got all sorts of cool streaky, contrasty, images with just a smidge in focus in some cases. Others are out of focus altogether but have a wonderful impressionistic quality about them.

Here are a few. As always, click on them for larger version and more from the study.

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