Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crappy Weather = Good Zoo Day

I went to the Toronto Zoo on Sunday. The weather was cold, and it was raining. Turns out it was the best time to go to the zoo! Normally, when you go on a nice sunny day all of the animals spend all afternoon napping in the shade, usually in a place you can't see, or if you can see them, with their heads buried in their paws as they snooze away.

But on Sunday all of the animals were out and about. I was able to get some great shots. Apparently I was slow to learn this trick, as there were plenty of people there with VERY expensive cameras (read 1D with L glass) snapping photos of the animals. Not to say that I had lens envy....

Anyway, lesson learned: go to the zoo on a crappy day to get the best photo opportunities.

A few pics. As always, click on them for larger versions and the rest of the shots.

- jc

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